Is your bathroom feeling a little lacklustre? This week we look at seven simple (and not particularly expensive) ways you can make your bathroom a little more luxurious.

luxury bathroom

Upgrade your bath mat

Nothing says share house bathroom quite like a soggy, greying bathmat with mysterious stains all over it hanging over the shower screen. If you want to give your bathroom an instant injection of luxe, do away with your terry towelling special from Kmart and get a bathroom rug instead. Turkish, Persian and Moroccan tufted wool rugs look great, are soft underfoot, and tend to get better with age.

Buy a fancy mirror

Instead of buying one of those bland frameless mirrors from the tradesman aisle at Bunnings Warehouse, get one with a little personality. An interesting mirror doesn’t have to cost the moon, there are dozens of unique treasures to be found in flea markets and on eBay, or you could try one of these DIY ideas.

Add a statement light

Get rid of the down lights and give your bathroom a sense of occasion with a chandelier or pendant light. You can get away with a striking/quirky lighting in your bathroom so why not go all out with something that really catches the eye (hint: glass and crystal refract the light beautifully on reflective surfaces).

Put everything in its place

It’s not hard for a bathroom to look cluttered or messy but equally, it’s not too hard to remedy. Get a dish for your soap, store your toothbrush in a fancy glass, get elegant little knick knack boxes for your cotton balls and q-tips, install a hook for your hand towel, and a hamper for dirty clothes.

Introduce some greenery

Houseplants love the warmth and humidity of bathrooms and there’s nothing like a little greenery to make your space feel fresh and elegant. If you’re not much of a green thumb, a fresh bunch of flowers is a great way to add a little extravagance to your bathroom benchtop.

Put in an armchair

The most luxurious bathrooms are those which have been fitted out in much the same way as other rooms like a sitting room or study, and that includes seating. Luxurious bathrooms aren’t purely functional, they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and a place where it might be nice to relax and paint your nails. To this end, a statement stool, ottoman or armchair is essential for lingering bathroom moments.

Install a waterfall showerhead

Although it seems like a small thing, the design of your showerhead can make a major statement. Have your plumber install a luxury waterfall showerhead to make your bathroom feel like a 5-star hotel suite.


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