Everyday plumbing issues can cause minor annoyances, but, when left unchecked, could evolve into more serious problems. And, whilst there are a handful of problems you can easily DIY, the majority are best left to professional local Ringwood plumbers. If you are experiencing any of the following plumbing issues, then it may be time to give JPG Plumbing a call.

1.     Low water pressure

Low water pressure coming from your tap, shower or bath could be due to numerous issues. If the low pressure is only affecting a single faucet, then you may be able to take it apart and give it a thorough clean (especially the aerator). If the issue persists or affects multiple faucets, then we highly recommend calling our Ringwood plumbers to inspect your plumbing. Your pipes may have corroded or may be blocked and will need professional remediation.

Even instances where it may appear a simple DIY fix is sufficient could just be a temporary solution to a greater problem; it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hesitate to give us a call even if it’s just for a general routine inspection.

2.     Hot water not running

If your home’s water heater system is experiencing issues such as sporadic temperature changes or a complete lack of hot water, then you may need to call a Ringwood plumber. Whilst simple issues such as the pilot light taking a long time to reignite can be fixed easily by most, more complicated issues such as faulty/damaged heater parts (damaged diaphragm or thermostats can result in lukewarm, for example) or issues with the plumbing will require the services of a professional.

3.     Leaky sink

Sinks that leak from beneath are a common problem and the cause could be something as menial as a loose fixture or as serious as a corroded pipe. If left unchecked, leaky taps could become very expensive and end up wasting up to 20,000 litres per year. If your tap is leaking from beneath, then we highly recommend giving us a call to inspect your plumbing; we will identify the issue and remedy it. Please note that if your faucet is leaking then you should try changing the washer as this is often found to be a common fix, if the problem persists, give us a call.

4.     Leaky dishwasher

There’s nothing worse than walking into the kitchen and finding a pool of liquid seeping out from your dishwasher. A leaky dishwasher can be caused by several reasons surrounding the gasket, door latch, pump seals, hoses or filters. Whilst most of the issues can be remedied yourself, some can be more complex. In these instances, it is more beneficial to allow an experienced professional to handle the repair. You can take a look at our dishwasher drainage troubleshooting guide for further information.

5.     Sewage issues

If you’ve noticed the smell of sewerage around your home or garden, then you should absolutely give us a call. There could be severe blockages which could be leading to overflows. Save yourself the hassle of trying to deal with such a situation and leave it to our professional plumbers who can fix your issue in no time.

6.     Gas leaks

People forget that JPG Plumbing is qualified and registered to handle all gas-related services both in a commercial and residential setting. Believe us when we say that as soon as you smell gas, you should call us to immediately come over, locate, and plug the leak. Gas leaks can ignite extremely easily, making them serious hazards and not something you want to sit on.

7.     Stormwater blockage

Severe stormwater drain blockages can lead to pooling, potentially damaging your concrete and, depending on the positioning of your property, even damaging your home’s foundations or flooding the basement. Gutter pipes can also affect this issue and if not maintained can also compromise your roof’s integrity. We recommend you maintain your downpipes and gutters regularly to avoid serious blockages from occurring and call one of our plumbers if there is a serious blockage so that we can effectively remove the blockage.

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