You may not know it but there are a lot of weird, wonderful and surprising facts about plumbing. We at JPG Plumbing are passionate expects when it comes to plumbing and in this blog, we are sharing our favourite plumbing facts.



Albert Einstein wanted to be a plumber


Albert Einstein famously said that if he had the opportunity to start his life over “I would rather choose to be a plumber” than be a scientist again. That’s right, the most iconic scientist in the world would trade in the fame for the rewards of being a plumber.


Toilets named after people


John Harrington invented the modern flushing toilet in 1596. He is also the reason the bathroom is often referred to as ‘the John.’ The term ‘the crapper’ came from Thomas Crapper who was responsible for making the toilet popular.


Famous Plumbers


Before his breakout role in Zulu, Michael Caine worked as a plumber’s assistant. Michael Caine is most known for his role in The Dark Night and Alfie. Another famous plumber is Ozzie Osbourne! After he dropped out of school he worked as a plumber’s assistant before forming Black Sabbath.


Plumping is an ancient trade


Plumbing is older than you think. We have had standardised plumbing since 3,000 BC! The Indus Valley civilisation in South Asia used a system of earthen plumbing pipes to get rid of their waste.


Toilets are time consuming


It turns out that the average person will spend up to three years on the toilet in their life. It’s another three years doing laundry and seventy-two days if you shave your legs.


Not all plumbers fix toilets


When Richard Nixon was in power, he set up a special investigation unit to stop information leaks in the white house during the Vietnam War. This unit was nicknamed the White House Plumbers.




Melbourne was once given the colourful nickname ‘smellbourne.’ This nickname was rightfully earned, until 1898 Melbourne had no sewerage system. People would throw their waste out into the street or into the Yarra River causing a nasty stench and an outbreak in typhoid.


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