The key to a great kitchen is functionality. You have to be able to navigate your own kitchen and use all the appliances with ease. Cooking large meals and feasts depends on managing all the applications successfully. With that in mind, our Black Rock-based plumbers are going to highlight seven must-have features for any modern kitchen that will make your job in the room easier and also more exciting.


1.     Double sink with chilled/boiling water tap

A double sink is always going to be a highly functional feature to have in your kitchen. The extra space makes washing dishes a bit more manageable – especially when you’ve just entertained a large party and need more room to stack dishes in. This way, you can wash each dish in one sink whilst the dirty ones temporarily sit in the other. Having a tap that can instantly give you filtered cold and boiling water can also come in handy when washing the dishes or even drastically cut down the wait time when making tea.


2.     Soft close cupboards and drawers

Whether you’re hurrying around the kitchen or taking it easy in the mornings, soft-close cupboards and drawers are an absolute must. Basically, you can just push them and not have to worry about a loud bang when they close or damaging them as they’ll automatically slow down and shut softly. This is useful for prolonging their life and also avoiding unwanted loud noises (which is great for the mornings when others may still be asleep).


3.     Hidden/integrated bin

Having your kitchen bin in a draw is useful because it can free-up space around your kitchen as well as keep it much neater – bringing both practical and aesthetic values to the table. We recommend positioning it near or under the sink for easy access.


4.     Benchtop garages

Our plumbers in Black Rock think that a benchtop garage is one of the best features you can have if you own a number of small appliances like a stand mixer, juicer, or sandwich press that you may not use every day, but still use enough that pulling it in and out of a cupboard can be frustrating. A benchtop garage is a secret compartment that can easily house a number of your small appliances and can also be readily accessed. In some cases, you might not have to even take them out of the garage either if you have power points installed within.


5.     Recipe station

If you’re someone who is constantly trying new recipes, then leaving space for your recipes to sit in areas where you do your prep is a blessing you may not realise you needed. If you’re more traditional, then you should look at a large, sturdy book stand – since cookbooks tend to be quite large and heavy. If you want to go that extra step, then consider building a shelf into your kitchen where you can store your collection of cookbooks for easy access. If you prefer modern methods, then you just need to leave a space for your laptop, iPad or even smart assistant.


6.     Cutlery dividers

This might seem like an obvious one but it’s not uncommon for cutlery drawers to lack proper assortment and just be a free-for-all whenever you open it. This can look messy and also be confusing and frustrating if you need something urgently. You can purchase divider inserts or even a draw with integrated dividers.


7.     Solid lighting

As well as strong general lights for the entire room, having extra lights beneath meal prep areas, built into your kitchen hood and even in cupboards and pantries can be a big help when looking for ingredients or crockery. If you’re feeling like you need that extra touch, then you can also look into smart lighting that you can control with your voice and smart device.


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