If you’re looking for ways you can save some money on your water bill whilst simultaneously following some sustainable practices — then our plumbers in Brighton have got a treat for you. Keep reading to discover six key methods (both simple and more intricate) to help you save water at home.

1.     Choose water-efficient appliances

We’ll get the easiest method out of the way first. Water-efficient taps and showerheads are specifically designed to limit the amount of water you use. The sacrifice here is usually less water pressure, but using low-flow taps or aerators can reduce a home’s water usage from a maximum of 18L per minute down to as little as 2L per minute. 

When looking for water-efficient hardware, consult the WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard) label which will indicate how much water is saved per litre per minute. Whilst regular showerheads use approximately 15L per minute, a 4-star rated showerhead could cut that 15L down to 6L per minute.

This also goes for things like your dishwasher, washing machine and even toilet — an appropriately rated water-efficient appliance will cut your water bill costs and passively contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances or purchase some for a new home, then always look for the WELS rating and choose 4-stars and above.

2.     Upgrade your toilet and use the appropriate flusher

If your toilet has a single-flush mechanism, then our Brighton plumbers would highly recommend upgrading to a dual-flush system. This means that you’ll have two distinct flushers that use different amounts of water. Again, we highly recommend you opt for a WELS 4-star rated toilet. 

These will typically have a full flusher that uses around 4.5L per flush (which would be used for solid waste) and a half flush that uses around 3L (ideal for liquid waste). This will reduce your water bill each time you flush provided you use the appropriate flusher. Chat to one of our plumbers if you need any help finding the right toilet model.

3.     Ensure nothing is leaking

Leaking taps, pipes and other appliances can be responsible for thousands of litres of wasted water per year — and sometimes the fix is as simple as replacing a washer. Don’t waste your time with temporary quick fixes — give one of our expert plumbers a call if you have a leaking appliance in your home and save yourself the hassle of an increased water bill.

4.     Purchase a rainwater harvesting system

If you’re looking to take your water-saving practices to the next level, then you can purchase (or even build if you have the time) a rainwater harvesting system for your yard. These usually consist of pipes that catch and transport rainwater into storage tanks where they can be used for watering the garden, washing your car, rinsing grown produce or even refilling ponds/water features.

5.     Take shorter showers

Timing your showers to five minutes can help save water. All you need to do is set a timer on your phone and stick with it. If you have a smart shower, then you can even program the time into your routine, so the water cuts out when time is up. This is an easy and efficient way to save water as well as streamline your daily schedule — less time spent in the shower means more time doing other things.

6.     Don’t pre-rinse your dishes

If you have a dishwasher, then you don’t need to rinse your dishes before you put them in. This is often a waste of water — doubling your water usage. Simply scrape any excess food or scraps into your bin and then place the dishes into the dishwasher. This also avoids any potential issues with your kitchen sink drain as build-ups of fats and oils can clog them up — eventually leading to leaking taps. If you can avoid pre-rinsing, then we certainly recommend doing so.

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