2021 has begun and our Elwood-based plumbers are here to point out the must-have bathroom features that you should really already have by now – plus a bonus one to consider. These aren’t brand new features per se, but they are innovative elements that will simplify your day-to-day routine. Our first two picks are actually highly beneficial for the environment (and your finances) – so let’s dive right in.

1.     Water-saving showerhead

Whilst they may not have a high water pressure, water-saving showerheads are designed to limit unnecessary water expenditure and give you just the right amount of water you need to wash. This is a sustainable feature that can cut water usage by 40%. It doesn’t stop there, though, as less water usage means a decreased water bill and also energy bill since not as much water will need to be heated for showers. It really is a win-win.

2.     Shower timer

Whether you purchase a specific one to use in the shower or simply set an alarm on your phone, timing your showers and trying to limit the time spent is another great way to save on water wastage as well as your water and energy bills. Ideally – showers should be between 5 to 10 minutes, so you should be aiming for somewhere in between for your average shower.

3.     Heat lamps

The bathroom is typically the coldest room in the house – so having a heat lamp installed can be a great way to warm it up quickly, especially in the winter. These are useful for when you’re just getting out of the shower or bath and will make the experience that bit more comfortable.

Whilst LED’s are designed to drastically mitigate the amount of radiant heat they produce, heat lamps are devised to do the opposite and create heat as fast as possible. They’re very effective and won’t waste too much energy if used in short bursts like when you’re using the bathroom to get ready or to have a shower/bath.

4.     Towel rack with a shelf

It’s one thing to have a towel rack in your bathroom but sometimes you forget to put your towel on the rack and then you’re left after the shower soaking wet with no towel in sight. This is where a towel shelf comes in handy. As the name suggests, the towel shelf will house extra towels, and though it may seem like a simple addition, our plumbers in Elwood highly recommend it in case you do forget to bring a towel into the bathroom – you can thank us later.

5.     A fan

A fan in your bathroom is possibly the most essential element you can have. A fan will remove all the moisture from your bathroom. So, if you want to avoid foggy mirrors post-shower, then be sure to turn your fan on because it’s the best way to combat it. Some people also find the white noise of the fan relaxing. Another thing fans do is eliminate any odours that may linger or arise so they’re not just useful for showers or baths.

6.     Storage

Whether they’re under the basins, cabinets behind mirrors or dedicated shelving units – every bathroom should have storage space. It could be extra space for towels, or, it could store extra soap, shampoo, cotton buds and all other forms of self-care, toiletries or cleaning products that you would usually use in the bathroom. What you store is up to you, but there will likely be certain items you will require whilst in the bathroom – so why not store them there to make things easier for yourself?

7.     Heated flooring

This final one is probably something you may not already have – but we definitely think it’s worth a look if you’re thinking of renovating sometime soon. Heated flooring provides radiant heat below your bathroom floor so your feet can stay warm – especially in the cooler months where stepping into the bathroom can be quite annoying. You can control the temperature from the thermostat so it’s always at the precise heat you need it at. Heated bathroom floors really are a slice of luxury and comfort.

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