We’re coming to the end of the year and what a year it has been. Instead of looking back, we thought we’d take a look towards the future and what 2021 is going to bring for bathroom design. Ask any plumber in Cremorne, experiencing uniquely designed bathrooms is a definite upside to the job – especially when the plumbing is easily accessible. So, here are our top six bathroom designs to look at for the new year.


1.     Terrazzo

Terrazzo bathrooms should always be embraced. For starters, they’re incredibly customisable. There is an exorbitant number of combinations available which allows you to create an aesthetic that suits your style right down to the smallest detail.

Terrazzo can be used on the floor as well as walls. It’s very easy to uphold – requiring a minimal amount of maintenance – which means it could potentially last for decades. Nonporous varieties are also naturally water and stain-resistant. Between its versatile style and fantastic characteristics – it’s hard to go past terrazzo in your bathroom.


2.     Natural light

Having plenty of windows to let in the natural light is a brilliant idea that will make getting ready in the mornings a real treat and give you a bright start to the day. Just ensure the windows aren’t in clear view of any elevated buildings. If this is the case, frosted windows or even light blinds are alternative options that can combat unwanted people looking in.

This will dull the amount of natural light though, which is why our plumbers in Cremorne recommend installing a skylight. Skylights are a unique and wonderful feature that you won’t regret – imagine showering whilst basking in the natural sunlight? You also won’t have to worry about people peering through them since they’ll be on your ceiling.


3.     Back-lit mirrors and cabinets

This sounds like a throw-back to the cliché, rundown motels you would see in 80s movies, but these, of course, will have a modern twist as they’ll be fused with a minimalistic design. This invites an enormous opportunity for gorgeous mirrors or cabinet mirrors with matte white hardware to be accentuated by the light bars situated behind them.

Whilst these concentrate on providing some practicality – it will predominantly bring a stunning aesthetic to your bathroom. There are also mirrors you can purchase which have built-in lights which can be helpful for things like applying makeup.


4.     Smart technology integration

Smart homes are becoming more and more accessible every day, so it’s expected that people will likely begin to integrate their bathrooms with the rest of their smart home in the coming year. This will enable them to control and pre-set the temperature of their water in the shower as well as their taps.

They’ll also be able to set schedules and timers to ensure they don’t spend too long in the shower. There are numerous benefits to smart bathrooms and some people will take advantage of certain benefits over others.


5.     Natural wood tones

Timber has long been a popular material for a wide variety of different applications. It can transform the mood of a room into a rustic one – and when combined with white ceramic, can change it into something truly beautiful. It’s all about finding the right balance.

White ceramic basins/counters, timber doors, floors and walls (it doesn’t have to be every wall, maybe just a feature wall) and some brass hardware can create a gorgeously modern bathroom design that will still feature a touch of individuality. Teak, mahogany or cedar are all great choices for bathrooms due to their water and moisture resistant properties – especially teak and mahogany.


6.     Organic touches

Indoor plants can add that much needed organic layer to your bathroom and, with so many different options, you won’t have trouble finding something that will suit. Do your research ahead of time to ensure you find a plant that you like and will also thrive in a bathroom environment. You can even come up with creative ways to place your plants, whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or placed on a chic shelf/rack.


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