As trusted Collingwood Plumbers, we recognise the value of rainwater harvesting. Collecting rainwater is a handy way of helping the environment that is easy to implement in urban areas to supply your household. With only the costs of the initial installation of the water collection system and any electricity needs, rainwater collection also has the economic benefit of reducing your water bill.

However, collected rainwater requires treatment to be considered potable water, or fit for human consumption, which limits the methods of utilising the harvested rainfall in your household. However, there are a range of rainwater harvesting methods to implement in your home and a great many uses for your collected rainwater in your Collingwood home and garden that can save money and the environment.

1. Watering your garden and indoor plants

Probably the most recognisable use of rainwater as seen in agriculture, untreated rainwater can be used to water your outdoor landscaping and indoor plants, just as rainfall naturally would! By using stored rainwater to care for your plants, you also ensure that your garden can continue to look fresh and healthy during periods of drought. Simply refill your watering can with collected rainwater from your outdoor tank or barrel to conserve the drinkable water from taps. An automatic irrigation system for your lawn can also be connected to your rainwater tank for a simple, hands-free approach to caring for your landscaping. 

Rainwater has the additional benefit of being more beneficial for plants than tap water. It is considered “softer” than the drinkable water from our indoor plumbing, with less salt, chlorine, fluoride, calcium and added chemicals. If you have a compost system in place, harvested rainwater can also be used as part of your decomposition method or dilution of compost tea. This gardening method conserves mains water while saving you money on your water utility bill.

2. Washing pets, vehicles and outdoor equipment

While untreated rainwater collected from run-off should not be consumed due to the risk of contamination, it is still extremely useful for washing vehicles, driveways and even bathing pets! By simply filling a large bucket with rainwater from your harvesting system and an appropriate cleaning agent, you avoid needlessly using consumable water and increasing your water bill. After washing your pet or car, the soapy water becomes greywater which has further uses or can be filtered in a greywater system.

3. Increasing the water level of your pool

Lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard? Pools can be topped up with your collected rainwater, just as they incidentally would during periods of high rainfall. As pools contain many cleaning agents, using rainwater through the balance tank or overnight allows sufficient time for treatment before use. This is particularly useful during periods of droughts when many councils will limit the use of mains water to top off pools.

4. Toilet flushing  

Rainwater is a viable option to fill your toilet reducing your water bill by several litres per flush! The wastewater from the toilet flush needs to be directed into the sewer due to the high bacteria count, which makes it unnecessary to use your clean, tap water. Connecting your toilet to your rainwater tank is an easy way to use your rainwater with only the initial plumbing costs of plugging your system into your household water supply.

Using rainwater for your toilet is an economical and environmentally conscious method of using your personal water supply — get in touch with one of our Collingwood plumbers to find out how you can take advantage of this system today!

5. Washing your laundry 

As your washing machine is already filled with cleaning detergents and chemicals, using drinkable, tap water is an unnecessary waste. Connecting your rainwater harvesting system to your washing machine can save tens of thousands of litres of mains water a year.

Using collected rainwater is a clever, low-maintenance method of helping the environment. If you’d like to extend the usage of your collected rainwater even further, consider implementing a treatment system to meet the drinking standards of state health departments.

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