At the end of the day, trying to coax an overtired toddler or pre-schooler ensconced in play to take a bath can be an uphill battle and an unpleasant chore both parent and child come to resent. But the bath doesn’t have to be a battleground, in fact it can be a unique opportunity to bond with your child and let them have some hydrological fun. This week, we’ve come up with five ways you can put the fun back into bath time.

Make bath time fun with these simple activities!

Artsy bath

Get your little one to stretch their creative muscles during bath time by giving them a set of watercolours and a brush, then letting them go crazy painting the tiles (Bonus: this is the easiest art project clean-up ever). Another idea is to dole out some shaving cream on the edge of the tub and let them sculpt away (younger children should be supervised to ensure they don’t taste test).


Glow bath

Get a few packets of glow sticks from the two-dollar store, put them in the bath and turn off the light for an instant glow in the dark party. Put the sticks in the freezer in between baths to ensure they keep their glow.


Bath time I spy

Collect together a few bits and pieces that don’t usually live in the bathroom and put them in places which can be seen from the bathtub. Next, turn out the light and give your little one a submersible torch then get them to spy the items you’ve concealed.


Bath bomb surprises

These ‘hatching’ dinosaur and Lego bath bomb eggs take the Kinder Surprise concept to the next level and are guaranteed to get your little ones enthusiastic about bath time. All the ingredients are completely safe for skin and are technically edible (although we wouldn’t recommend taste testing).


Colour play

Kids love carrying out experiments so why not get them to explore colour mixing and turn the bathwater some cool new colours in the process? Simply fill an ice cube tray up with water and then put a few drops of food or vegetable dye in each before putting it in the freezer. Kids can have fun chasing the melting cubes around in the hot bathwater and learn about colour theory at the same time.


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