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Noticing strange issues with your home’s tiles? It could be as simple as poorly installed tiles but as experienced Kew Plumbers, our team recognises that small issues in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry tiles can often be a symptom of larger problems. If left unresolved, this can begin to impact more than the surface of your tiling and quickly become an expensive fix. Thankfully, our team have gathered five ways your tiles can indicate you need an expert plumber in Port Melbourne including discolouration, recurring mould and hairline cracks.

1. Cracked Tiles

There are many reasons that tiles on splashbacks, floors or walls could crack, but it’s important to determine the cause. The cause of the fracture will impact the best next step, so it’s important to consider if there’s been any direct impact recently that caused visible chips, if the house is shifting or if the tiles have been poorly installed.

Resolving cracked tiles isn’t simply a matter of replacing the unsightly, broken tile. A professional plumber will need to check that water hasn’t penetrated beneath the tiles and the waterproofing, which can cause further water damage, warp the structure and crack any replaced tiles. If water penetration is the cause of the cracked tile, this will need to be resolved to avoid further damage to the home’s foundation.

2. Mouldy Tiles

Mould thrives in moist, poorly ventilated areas, making bathrooms a breeding ground for mould spores to take hold. The appearance of household mould should be taken very seriously as it can damage your home and more importantly, it can cause serious health issues. If you notice mould appearing on your tiles frequently, even after you’ve adequately cleaned and dried the surface, there could be an issue with the ventilation.

Before contacting a plumber, note whether your bathroom has adequate ventilation. Firstly, check that your exhaust fan is clear and functional and ensure that it is left on while showering and for 20 minutes after the shower. If your bathroom does not have an exhaust fan installed, crack open a bathroom window to ensure the moisture is fully withdrawn from the room.

If you’ve determined that the issue is not with your bathroom’s ventilation, it could be an issue of water seepage or a leak beneath your tiles. At this stage, it’s best to contact a plumber to investigate the issue to avoid structural damage from water leaks.

3. Grout Issues

If your grout needs constant maintenance or never appears dry and clean, there could be an underlying issue with the porosity. Whether a low-quality grout has been used or the incorrect grout sealant has been applied, poor grout can often become the perfect site for mould and bacteria to gather.

As grout is porous, once mould has settled into the holes within the grout it can be difficult to resolve the problem. Similarly, the porous materiality of grout can cause it to be permanently stained by an incorrect or harsh cleaning liquid. If you notice recurring mould or that the grout is falling away and needs to be replaced, contact a plumber to ensure the grout is removed and installed correctly for the perfect, waterproof sealant.

4. Discoloured Surface on Tiles

While tile discolouration is unsightly, the probable cause could be a poor choice of cleaning product. As tiles can also be porous, they can absorb the chemicals of cleaning products causing milky or cloudy stains. If you suspect the wrong cleaning product has been used, contact a professional to strip your sealant and fix your tiles.

5. Tiles Falling Out of Place

Loose tiles or tiles that fall out of place are often symptoms of poor installation and improper setting materials. Tiles become loose when they expand differently to the mounting surface, causing them to shift and eventually fall from the wall. This could occur due to several mistakes during installation such as the tiler has not left the substrate layer to cure for long enough, the wrong adhesive product or grout joints were used or the newly fitted floor was simply used too soon after installation.

Although it’s more likely to be an issue with the installation (and thus an issue for all the tiles in the space), it could also be the result of water exposure as leaks, steam or humidity could have penetrated the tile’s surface and caused the tile to debond. Nevertheless, if your tiles aren’t fixed appropriately to the walls or shower floor it is integral to get it resolved promptly to avoid water damage.

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