Aiming to have an eco-friendly bathroom is important. Whether it’s to conserve nature’s resources, to create a healthier space, or even to lower our monthly bills, it should be a point of interest for all renovators and homeowners. Today, we explore five ways you can transform your bathroom in more eco-friendly ways.

1) Buy eco-friendly products

The easiest way to be more environmentally conscious is to swap existing essential products with items that are better for the environment.

For example, swap regular toilet paper for recycled toilet paper. Swap paper towels for hand cloth towels. Swap chemical-ridden sprays for ones that do not contain toxic preservatives. This way, you don’t have to get rid of products you really need – you’re just replacing them with better options.


2) Change to LED lighting

The bathroom is a high traffic area, so it’s a good idea to reassess the lighting you’re using when aiming to have an eco-friendly bathroom. While LED lighting may initially cost more than incandescent lighting, the fact that it can last far longer is what will save you on your electricity bill. The materials that make up LED lights are also eco-friendly and recyclable, unlike other options.


3) Conserve more water

Conserving water is not only eco-friendly but can save you hundreds on your water bills. One way you can do this is by taking showers over baths. To put it into perspective, taking a bath can use up to two and a half times the amount of water it takes to have a shower. If you do enjoy baths and can’t bear not taking one, consider cutting down bath time to a special day once a week.

To really save on water usage, you should ensure that your shower is fitted with a low flow showerhead. Timing your showers to the recommended three minutes can also help you save water.


4) Green up (literally)

Having plants in your bathroom will not only freshen the air naturally, but will add a vibrant liveliness to the space. You should try to invest in plants that can deal with lots of light, and that don’t necessarily need a lot of water to stay healthy.


5) Stop that leak!

Did you know that a leaking toilet could waste up to 16,000L per year? That’s right, a leaky tap or toilet is extremely bad news if you’re aiming to have an eco-friendly bathroom. The best thing you can do is get the leak fixed immediately to minimise the overall level of wastage.

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