When life gets busy you don’t have time to waste on problems that don’t exist. Before you call a service you want to be 100% sure that you need to. When it comes to plumbing, overlooked issues can grow to cause widespread damage that will cost a pretty penny to fix. Never fear, today we are sharing the signs that is definitely time to call a plumber.


Low water pressure

You can tell that you have low water pressure if  water is slow to come out of faucets or your toilet is taking a long time to flush. This is a sign that your pipes are starting to clog and if regular cleaning methods don’t make a difference then it is time to call a plumber.


If you are starting to pick up a sulphur or sewage odour then the plumber is due for a visit. That smell is a blaring alarm telling you that you might have a broken vent or burst pipe. If left too long it can cause heavy damage to your home and ruin the surrounding environment.


A gurgling sound coming from your shower, toilet, washing machine or dishwasher could be a sign that there is a blockage. The sound is made as air is forced through and is usually one of the early signs that you need to unclog your drains.


If you’ve turned your faucet all the way off and it is still dripping then it is in need of a repair. A dripping faucet seems harmless and simple to fix so it is easy to forget about. You shouldn’t put it off for too long, that dripping tap will cut into you water bill over time so it is best to fix ASAP.


If you start to notice that water is seeping from the base of your toilet, or there are water stains in odd places, then something is going wrong with your plumbing. Early intervention is key to reducing water damage to your home, so you should call a professional as soon as you notice it.

It is important to stay on top of plumbing problems before they get any bigger and the damage spreads. If you have any other concerns that we did not cover in this blog, JPG Plumbing can help you out. Call us today on 0400 978 442.