It’s not uncommon to put off calling a Croydon plumber — it may not be the best time financially or you may just think the issue isn’t bad enough to warrant a professional tradesman. The issue is, however, many problems that seem minor tend to begin that way, but could later develop into something more serious. It’s not worth risking it — the following five reasons are signs that you should call a plumber.

1.     Leaking appliances

Whilst some minor tap leakages can be remedied by simply replacing a washer, sometimes the issue goes deeper than a simple fix. If a toilet leaks constantly, then it will waste litres of water (driving up your water bills) and proving to be a nuisance anytime you need to use the bathroom.

This could be due to a leaky cistern or even a more serious issue pertaining to the pipes behind the wall. Whilst, similarly to replacing the washer in a tap, a cistern sometimes needs a washer replaced, more severe issues will require a professional plumber. Don’t let your leaking appliances waste water and become a hassle — fix the issue ASAP!

2.     Blocked drains that just won’t unclog

There are a variety of unclogging products you can use to clear your drain but sometimes there are cases where they just won’t do the trick. Grease, fat and general food waste can accumulate in a drain pipe over the years. Not only will this lead to a blocked drain — but it could also lead to a burst pipe further down the track. If unclogging products just aren’t doing the trick — then be sure to call your local Croydon plumber to avoid future hassles.

3.     Uncommon, loud sounds (water hammers)

The need for a plumber may not always be for an obvious reason like a blocked drain or leaky toilet. If you hear loud noises from your walls when your water appliances are in use then perhaps there is an issue with the piping. The most common noise is what’s often referred to as a water hammer and is when a loud banging noise occurs within your pipes after a tap has been turned off. This is caused when water travelling down the pipe to the exit point hits the closed-off valve and, because it has so much momentum, makes a loud bang.

Water hammers can actually damage pipes and cause them to burst since there’s so much force behind the water. If you are experiencing this sort of occurrence persistently over a period of time, then it’s best to have a professional inspect it to remedy the situation. If there are other noises you are worried about then our expert plumbers can inspect those as well to ensure there’s no damage being done.

4.     Overflowing roof gutters

If you don’t routinely monitor the state of your roof’s gutters, then a build-up could occur that may prove difficult to clear. Overflowing gutters can damage your home’s exterior — leading to roof leaks (and, subsequently, ceiling leaks), integrity damage and downpipe damage. As we mentioned earlier, you should be monitoring your gutters, but if you do happen to notice a serious build-up that has occurred, then contact our professionals so that they may clear your gutters and assess their integrity to ensure they’re properly set up to benefit your home. If there are tall trees above or near your roof then there is a higher chance that blockage could occur.

5.     No hot water

Hot water is something we often take for granted so when it cuts out, it becomes an issue. There are several reasons as to why you might not have any hot water and the most efficient (and safest) way to remedy the issue is to contact a licensed and experienced plumber to sort it out. JPG Plumbing are familiar with all types of water heaters inside and out so you can rest assured knowing that our Croydon plumbers will locate the issue and fix it swiftly and unobtrusively.

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