Fixing Shower Problems - Plumber Port Melbourne advice

As every Port Melbourne Plumber knows, a luxurious shower is the height of relaxation. Conversely, a poorly performing shower can cause frustration and tension. Thankfully, our expert team have listed common shower issues and the simple steps to fix them. To always be prepared for any plumbing issues that arise, read on, and follow these maintenance tips for the perfect fresh shower that leaves you feeling restored!

Leaking showers

There are many showers to choose from, but the least desirable option is a leaking shower. By the time a leaking shower is noticed, the problem can have already caused more costly issues including permanent damage to your bathroom’s interiors or home’s structure. If you notice that your tap or shower head is dripping while the shower is not in use, then there could be an issue with the tap fitting. This requires taking your tap apart and assessing if the washer or o-ring looks misshapen or damaged. If so, the solution could be as simple as an expert plumber replacing these two components for a low cost.

However, if the signs of water damage extend outside of the shower, such as warped walls, buckled floorboards or damp carpet, then the water could be leaking through the tiles or grout. This problem can occur as houses shift over time resulting in cracked grout that no longer protects against moisture. This can require more expensive repairs by a professional plumber such as replacing the tiling, regrouting or repairing the waterproofing membrane in the bathroom.

Slow draining or smelly shower drain

A slower drain or clogged drain can cause the person showering to stand in an undesirable puddle of soapy water. If water pools at your feet and the draining is delayed, the issue could be due to a clog of hair, dirt and soap within the pipes. To fix a slow running drain, first pop on a pair of gloves and reach into the drain to remove any visible obstructions. After removing any clogs from the drain cover and pipe, use a drain cleaner to remove any scum or build-up within the pipe.

To prevent blockages and draining issues in the future, maintain the drain regularly by removing build-up on the drain cover and scrubbing the cover to remove any mould. If the smell or clog persists, it may be time to ask a plumber for help due to a persistent clog or piping slope issue.

Poor ventilation

If your bathroom is always humid or your shower shows signs of mould, then your bathroom could have inadequate ventilation. Firstly, check that your exhaust fan is clear and functional and ensure that it is left on while showering and for 20 minutes after the shower. If your bathroom does not have an exhaust fan installed, crack open a bathroom window to ensure the moisture is fully withdrawn from the room.

Low water pressure

Poor water pressure is another frustrating shower issue. Low water pressure is often an issue with the shower faucet, such as a build-up of limescale in the showerhead. Showerheads can be descaled by unscrewing the cover and soaking it within distilled vinegar or bathroom cleaning products. Otherwise, there are different types of showerheads that all offer differing levels of pressure and environmental impact, which can be easily installed by a professional plumber.

If replacing the showerhead doesn’t resolve the pressure issue or there is consistent low water pressure throughout the home, there could be a problem with the plumbing. A plumber can assess, clean and fix any breaks in the pipes to ensure adequate water flow to the showerhead and your home’s taps.

Lack of hot water

If you’re consistently finding that your shower is running cold water, the problem could lie within your hot water system rather than the shower or bathroom. For this issue, it would be best to call a professional plumber to check the hot water tank for a maintenance check or to change the temperature settings.

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