Clogged Drain

One of the things most people dread seeing is water not going down the drain. Once this happens, an overflow of water is common. This is usually followed by slimy and smelly mould growth and an overall unsightly appearance. Despite how revolting it is, a clogged drain is a common issue. The one type of clog most people experience at some point is a hair clog.

Clogged Drain

Hair often accumulates over time and become nasty interwoven clumps that form a thick barrier in your drains. The thicker the hairball, the slower your drains will be. The good news is that you do not have to take drastic measures such as never shaving again. Instead, if you are dealing with a hair clog anywhere in your house, here are a few things our plumbers in Melbourne recommend you try.

1. Use baking soda and vinegar

Among its many other applications, this dynamic duo also works on hair clogs! The combination can be an extremely effective way to dispatch hair clogs by dissolving any dirt, fat and grime that may be holding the hairball in place. For the best results, you should begin by squeezing some dish soap into your drain (particularly targeting the hair clog if possible), followed by a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda. The magic happens when you see some bubbling or hear a sizzling sound, both of which should last for about five minutes. Once the chemical reaction begins to die off, pouring a cup of boiling water helps flush the clog away. This should leave you with a clear and working drain again. Depending on the size of your clog, it may be necessary to repeat the process until you’re completely satisfied.

2. Plumber’s Snake

What is a plumber’s snake? It is a long, flexible pole with a tiny claw at the end which can help hook and lift your hair blockage from your drain. There are a variety of snakes out there depending on the severity of your clog. These drain cleaners are cheap, disposable, user-friendly and widely available for purchase. Every household should have at least a few available for emergencies. Although, if it is a simple clog, straightening out a wire hanger and sticking that down your drain could do the trick too.

3. Vacuum

If the hair clog isn’t too deep and the buildup of grease and soap isn’t too bad, it may be possible for you to suck out the hair blockage with a vacuum. Firstly, remove your drain cover entirely and then leave your drain to dry for as long as possible. This would make vacuuming a lot easier as wet chunks of hair can be heavier and harder to move. Another thing you should consider is if your vacuum comes with a smaller nozzle attachment, using that and directing it as close as possible to the hair clump would help tremendously. Combining these with the highest setting of your vacuum should clear the obstruction in your drain.

4. Call a professional plumber in Melbourne

If all of these have failed, you may need to call for help. Sometimes bringing in a trusted plumber is a better idea to ensure you correctly diagnose the cause of the clog and get a quick and easy solution. Professional plumbers in Melbourne can assist with clearing blocked drains, conducting pipe inspections and drain maintenance services. With proper cleaning tools and technology, your local plumber will be able to remove hair clogs with ease and even identify if there is anything else in your drain that shouldn’t be there.

Tips to avoid hair clogs

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. If you want to avoid your drains from becoming homes to your hair, our handy Melbourne plumbers have a few tips:

  • Use a strainer. Preventing hair from falling is a near-impossible task so instead of doing that, having a strainer placed above your drain can help collect your loose strands of hair. This method is simple and cost-effective and also comes in a range of sizes depending on your needs. You almost don’t have a reason to not have one at home!
  • Regularly clean your bathroom and sinks. Spending a few minutes each day or even each week to clear out visible hair in your sink or on the bathroom floor can go a long way. Instead of washing them into the drain, pick them up and chuck them in a bin.
  • Avoid using liquid drain cleaners. While you think regularly using drain cleaners might help with drain maintenance, using liquid drain cleaners can do more harm than good. These products are often ineffective, can clump up with clogs (making them worse) and contain chemicals that erode your piping system.

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