Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Quickly refresh your interior style by replacing your sink. Our experienced plumbers in Doncaster have encountered many different bathroom basin styles and recognise the appeal of using different shapes and materials. We are experts in new installations and know that a fully functional sink provides more than water access, it can change your bathroom’s whole atmosphere!

When modern sink styles are paired with monochromatic palettes, it can create the illusion of a minimalist spa retreat, while brushed gold accents coupled with more traditional sink shapes gives a sense of a classy, powder room. Your bathroom sink choice impacts your interior style, ease of maintenance, and plumbing placement.

1. Inset sinks or self-rimming sinks

Inset sinks or self-rimming sinks are a common feature in many Melbourne bathrooms. They require the countertop to be cut to allow the sink to be seated, with a lip that overhangs the counter edge. This method of the edge resting on the countertop allows the sink to be easily installed. It can also be removed from the countertop without additional cuts to the surface by pushing from below.

The height of the sink rim helpfully prevents water from splashing outside the confines of the bowl, but it also prevents water on the counter from being easily swept back into the bowl. The visibility of the sink rim also offers design choices, from choosing a material that blends into the countertop to a bright colour for dramatic contrast.

2. Undermount sink 

These sinks appear minimalist with a seamless appearance underneath the surface of the countertop. This promotes easy cleaning, as there are no tricky curves or corners to wipe where the surface of the vanity meets the sink. Any spills across the counter can also be easily swept into the sink and washed away. The ease of maintenance and hidden appearance gives this style a contemporary feel with many different shapes available.

Undermount sinks are often installed during the build process as it involves cutting your stone countertop to allow the shape to neatly fit. The exposed edges of the countertop are then finished and sealed for longevity. This custom install means that this sink is difficult to replace when damaged without also requiring work to the countertop.

3. Vessel sinks or countertop sinks

Modern vessel sinks come in a range of styles and materials to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. These types of sinks serve as a sculptural piece that sits on top of the countertop for a dramatic focal point. From modern rectangular looks to curved stone bowls, these sinks offer a wider range of material options including glass as they don’t have to withstand cleaning heavy pots and pans like kitchen sinks.

As vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity, they offer more storage space within the cabinets. However, they also add height to your bathroom countertop and may require new taps that are taller for ease of use. If taller taps seem unappealing, you can install wall-mounted taps, which can necessitate moving the water supply lines into the walls and new tiles. Sitting on top of the vanity also creates more storage space within the cabinets.

Changing from another sink style to vessel sinks will also require new countertops, as the old countertop will have the hole remaining from the previous sink. Despite appearing as if it is simply floating on top of the counter, the installation requires cutting into the countertop to account for the plumbing. Vessel sinks are a modern trend that offers contemporary flair to your bathroom, but they can require additional plumbing work.

4. Integrated sink or integral sink 

Integrated sinks are made from the same material as the countertop for a cohesive piece. Typically moulded from stone, this type of bathroom vanity and sink has a luxurious feel. These sinks also allow for simple and subtle sloped surfaces instead of large bowls.

Although delicately carved into the countertop’s surface to account for a bowl and the necessary plumbing, the natural materials make this sink style appear effortlessly lavish. This modern style is costly to install and expensive to repair, as damage can mean replacing the whole countertop!

Thinking of installing a new sink? 

Choosing a new sink doesn’t have to be an arduous task, but you should consider the size of the cut-out in your vanity top, the location of your waste-water pipe and which basin style best reflects your Doncaster bathroom’s interior design. As professionals in plumbing installation, tap repairs and maintenance, we are available for all your bathroom plumbing questions and needs to ensure your new sink is installed correctly.

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