Over the next weekend, Melbourne forecasters are expecting record breaking rain across Victoria, with major flooding to be expected. Half of Melbournians are likely to have never seen rain this heavy ever before! This weather is estimated to bucket down an entire summer’s worth of rain over the course of just three days, so it’s important to be prepared. Take heed of warnings and follow driving precautions in particular to keep your family safe. Beyond this, it’s important also to recognise that your household pipes may not be equipped to deal with such heavy downpour. In this week’s article, we’ll be breaking down how heavy rain can impact your plumbing.

Pipe blockage

One of the most common pipe problems after rainfall is blockage that occurs as a result of rocks, soil and other debris entering your pipes. This could be dangerous as it may impact the interior of your home also.

Heightened pressure on your pipes

Heavy rainfall, like that forecast for Melbourne, can create an intense amount of pressure on your pipes around the home. Though most residential plumbing systems are built quite durable these days, it’s hard to predict the true impact of the weather. Let’s look at an example; rain will soak into the sand or dirt surrounding your home, which will sit at a heavier weight on top of your pipes.

Shuffling underground pipes around

When it’s raining hard outside, this precipitation has the ability to soften the earth in which your underground pipes sit. This can cause these pipes to shift from their original places. There is also the possibility that the pipes may be bent out of shape or even cracked, if the pressure from the surrounding soil forces them into a position they’re unable to meet.

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