Cleaning the bathroom is a task that not many of us enjoy, and for good reason. With bacteria and soap scum among just some of the gross things to be found in your bathroom, it can seem like a daunting task. But if you take to cleaning some parts of your bathroom everyday, it can make the task a lot quicker and easier to do. In this week’s article, we’ve created a list of three things in your bathroom that you might want to consider cleaning everyday.

The toilet

As everyone’s (cough) favourite part of the bathroom to clean, your toilet could actually use a daily clean to make that weekly deep clean a lot quicker. If necessary, you have the option to use toilet bowl cleaner everyday. What’s important is that you wipe down the seat and lid with an antibacterial cleaner, and give the inside of the bowl a quick scrub with the toilet brush.


Without cleaning your sink everyday, soap scum, hard water and makeup can create a long-lasting impact on the health and appearance of your sink. Depending on the material used, these factors may stain your sink over time. But, lucky for us, wiping out your sink once a day is easy enough. Using a sponge and something cleaning detergent, wipe your sink after your morning routine to prevent grime build up.

Countertop, faucets and mirror

While these may not see as much traffic as the toilet and sinks, cleaning your countertop, faucets and mirror everyday ensures that your bathroom is free of bacteria, preventing buildup. After wiping your sink, use a sponge to wipe your faucets and countertop with a gentle cleaner, paying attention to the areas behind the sink and faucets. Glass cleaner is a great way to clean your mirror, and a quick wipe with a cloth or paper towel will leave everything sparkling.

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