Whilst changing a washer or taking a plunger to the sink once in a while are definitely within the skill range of a DIY enthusiast, most plumbing isn’t. Unfortunately, many people make the assumption that if they can buy it in Bunnings, it can be done without a professional. At JPG, we get regular call outs to come fix up botched home plumbing jobs that have made things a lot worse than they needed to be, so this week we take a look at a few good reasons why you should always leave plumbing projects and maintenance to the professionals.


It’s illegal

The state of Victoria has very clear regulations when it comes to what areas of plumbing work require a registered or licensed practitioner to undertake. These include drainage, fire protection, gas fitting, non agricultural irrigation, mechanical servicing, stormwater roofing, sanitary and water supply.


It could be dangerous

There’s a very good reason that plumbing work is so heavily regulated in Australia. There are a number of potential health and safety hazards that could arise if the work is completed by an inexperienced professional. If you’re undertaking DIY plumbing works, you’re exposing yourself to a whole host of safety hazards including mould inhalation, chemical exposure, and physical injury from working in dark, cramped spaces. Plumbing that is done incorrectly can also contaminate a property’s water supply, making it unsafe to consume. Working with any kind of system that combines plumbing and electrical components is also extremely dangerous as the risk of electrocution is incredibly high and with gas water heaters there is a distinct possibility of causing an explosion.


It’s just not worth the time or the money

Sure, you might think you’re saving money by doing the work yourself instead of calling a professional, but it’s going to cost you in the long run. In the short term, even the simplest plumbing job will probably take you several hours longer than a professional to complete, and as you are not professionally insured to carry out plumbing work, the damage cost if you make a mistake could run up to thousands of dollars. Insurance can also play an important role further down the track if your work deteriorates and causes more damage to your property, as insurers will not support claims caused by illegal plumbing work.


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