Popular across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, bidets offer an alternative to the humble toilet paper. Arguably a more environmentally friendly choice, that promotes greater personal hygiene and helps to prevent clogging, bidets are less common ‘down under’. Do bidets actually a better choice? In this week’s article, we’ll be going through three reasons you should consider a bidet for your home.

1. They’re more environmentally friendly

In Australia, the equivalent of 27,000 trees are flushed down our toilets every year in the form of toilet paper. On top of that, huge amounts of water go into toilet paper production, along with mass amounts of energy, leading to a greater amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Some argue that bidets are a waste of water, but using them rather than relying solely on toilet paper would save much more water in total, as well as reducing the amount of trees we’re cutting down each year!

2. They’re more hygienic

The areas that toilet paper travels to on the human body certainly are sensitive. If you were to find germs or bacteria on somewhere like your arm, you would reach for water to rinse the area. Why is it different when it comes to toilet paper? Bidets help to improve your personal hygiene, by flushing the area of any bacteria. This can help to prevent future health problems down the track, too!

3. They can help to prevent clogging

A bidet will significantly cut the amount of toilet paper needed for each bathroom trip. Less toilet paper means less is being flushed down! Regardless of how flushable toilet paper is, it will build up in your systems over time and potentially cause problems that may be expensive to fix.

Certainly, a bidet isn’t for everyone. But there are distinct benefits that they can bring to your life; greater hygiene, less clogging and less damage to the environment. Ultimately, it’s up to you, and what suits your lifestyle.

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