This week, we tackle one of the trickiest (and most time consuming, chemical intensive, unpleasant etc.) aspects of house cleaning; the challenge of keeping your toilet looking clean and smelling if not appealing, at least not totally repulsive.

Keep your toilet looking good with these 10 tips

  1. To get rid of the odour causing bacteria in your toilet brush, swish it in a solution of half water and half bleach and then rinse it with soap and water.
  2. Instead of bringing out the heavy duty chemicals once a week, make up a batch of toilet cleaning pods out of baking soda, citric acid and dish soap. Put the pods in a jar near your toilet so that users can drop one in after they’re finished, this will take care of cleaning the bowl and leave the toilet ready for the next person.
  3. Improve the performance of your rubber plunger by rubbing petroleum jelly around the rim to strengthen the seal.
  4. If you want a lazy bowl cleaning hack, try pouring a can of cola into the bowl and then leave it to sit overnight. Give it a quick scrub the next day and your bowl will be sparkling.
  5. Another chemical free way to clean the bowl is by pouring baking soda directly into the toilet bowl and then pouring in white vinegar. Let the mixture sit in the bowl for 10 minutes before giving it a scrub,
  6. If you find your toilet gets dirty very fast, the problem may be dirty siphon jets. To lean these, first clean under the rim with a solution of vinegar, baking soda and water. Next, shut off the water supply and flush the toilet the empty out the tanks. After you’ve done this, block off the siphon jets with duct tape, fill the tank with around 3.5 litres of white vinegar and then flush. Let it sit overnight like this and then in the morning, remove the tape and turn on the water again.
  7. If you are going away for a few days and want to avoid rusty water marks developing in your toilet, try adding a little Borax into the water and let it sit in there whilst you’re away.
  8. Give the inside of your tank a clean by putting a few denture tabs in there once in a while. This method has the added bonus of cleaning your bowl every time you flush.
  9. Create your own natural air freshener by mixing three parts water, one-part vodka, and 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil in a spray bottle. Vodka is a natural odour absorber.
  10. If the bolts, lid and tank top of your toilet are looking a little grubby, try using a steam cleaner. The pressure gets rid of all the dust and the hot steam is a natural sanitiser.


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