Although Victoria’s 15-year drought finally broke in 2012 and water restrictions are no longer in force around the city, there are still plenty of good reasons to take a vested interest in water conservation. Lowering your usage not only reduces your water bill, it also reduces the overall carbon footprint of your household and makes managing water restrictions during times of drought effortless. In this article, we look at ten simple ways you can cut down on your water usage without significantly altering your lifestyle.


  1. Invest in a smart sprinkler timer

This ensures your garden gets just the right amount of water and best of all, it saves you the effort of turning on and off the tap.


  1. Wash full loads

This applies to both your dishwasher and washing machine. Most modern devices also have a water saving economy mode, and this should be suitable for everyday washing


  1. Cut down your showering time

Aim to cut down your shower time to five minutes and avoid taking baths frequently as they can use up to 270 litres of water per fill.


  1. Mulch your garden

To prevent water evaporation during the summer months and prevent weeds growing and competing with your plants for water and nutrients.


  1. Re-use kitchen water

If you’re boiling something in water, let the water cool rather than pouring it out once you’re done and then use it to water your plants.


  1. Insulate your hot water pipes

This raises the water temperature faster, meaning you won’t have to wait as long for hot water to run from the shower head and can conserve it through use.


  1. Audit your water usage

Either call in a professional to examine the water efficiency of your home or do it yourself using this guide.


  1. Install a low flow shower head and a dual flush toilet system

This can cut the water consumption of these amenities by up to 50%


  1. Harvest your rain water

It can be as simple as putting a barrel in the backward or as sophisticated as setting up a rainwater harvesting system that utilizes your gutters.


  1. Regularly inspect for leaks

A faucet that drips once per second can waste up to 11,356 litres of water a year, so it’s important to check all of your taps and appliances for leaks on a regular basis.


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