In our last post, we gave you the lazy bones guide to bathroom spring cleaning. Now that all the dirty work is out of the way, you’re probably ready to freshen up your bathroom aesthetic- but where to start? How do you make a heavy traffic area like the bathroom stylish whilst keeping things practical? Is it worth investing in expensive design pieces if they’re going into a heavy use, humid environment? In this guide, we’ve put together ten steps you can take to give your bathroom a makeover, without investing the serious renovation dollars.


A note on bathroom decorating

The art of decorating a bathroom is a tricky one. As it is often one of the smaller rooms in the house, stacking your bathroom with furnishings is probably only going to make it look cluttered, and covering your vanity with candles and vases of flowers might look romantic, but when you’re getting ready in the morning knick knacks like these will just be taking up valuable bench space. The key to furnishing a bathroom is to think simply and add elements that create a vibe without compromising on practicality. As the bathroom is also one of the most heavily used areas of the home, it also needs frequent cleaning, so you need to choose furnishings with the realities of dust, water and bathroom products in mind.

  1. Replace your toilet brush

This barely counts as a décor makeover step but it’s so often forgotten and can make such a significant psychological difference that it is worth mentioning. A debate rages on how often you should replace your toilet brush. Some people say once a month, others say once every six months. Either way you’ve had yours too long so throw it away and get a new one.

  1. Get a shower caddy

Another barely there décor hack, this one will help your bathroom look instantly less cluttered, and it also means that all those bottles and loofas stop acting as a filter for whatever you’re washing off your body. Once you’ve established order in the shower, apply your newly found organising skills to other areas of your bathroom.

  1. Upgrade your shower head

This is a really simple and often overlooked bathroom DIY project that can improve your shower experience, make your bathroom look instantly more modern and help you save water. Shower heads are fairly inexpensive and surprisingly versatile ranging from filtration heads that remove chlorine and can be loaded with therapeutic oils though to stunning waterfall designs that provide a gentle massage.

  1. Update your fixtures

Freshen up your bathroom hardware by investing in some new modern fixtures. Consider taking a modern approach by replacing your old metallic fittings with black matte metal and replacing your tap with a rain or waterfall style faucet.

  1. Buy a new shower curtain

If you want to make a big statement and incorporate a colour or pattern that’s currently in vogue without spending a lot, buy a new shower curtain. Costing between $10-$50 and easy to change around, why not consider investing in a few bold styles and experiment?

  1. Add a plant

The humid microclimate and the diffused light of the bathroom make it the perfect place for growing plants. To save on valuable bench real estate, try lining a few little cacti up along the windowsill or make your own macramé plant hanger and simply add a fern to achieve more of a retro vibe.

  1. Get serious about towel rolling

Want to make your bathroom look like a spa getaway? Display some rolled up towels. This not only looks great, it’s also very convenient for when you have guests over.

  1. Add some art

Art can do a lot to make a space seem more polished. Typically designers tend to use pieces which incorporate cool colours to evoke associations with water and the beach. However there are no hard and fast rules here so use whatever colour scheme takes your fancy but try to keep it limited to 2-3 colours. Remember your bathroom is small and can easily look cluttered if there’s too much going on aesthetically. If art isn’t your thing, consider painting an accent wall in your favourite colour.

  1. Invest in a fancy version of something mundane

Luxury is in the details. So consider investing in a futuristic or opulent looking soap dispenser that you would otherwise consider an unnecessary expense if you were to buy it on top of other items. Small, practical and unique pieces give your bathroom personality and polish.

  1. Get a mirror without a frame

Investing in a mirror without a frame might seem like a frivolous thing to do but it can help to create a sense of space and flow in your bathroom as one surface seamlessly transitions into another.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our budget bathroom design hacks. If you have bigger plans, JPG Plumbing is here to take care of all your bathroom renovation needs. We’ve helped many Melbourne homeowners add style and value to their home with bathroom makeovers. To learn more about our capabilities please call 0400 978 442.