• Bathroom Cleaning Hacks 24/04/2017

    Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom is nobody’s idea of a good time. Here are a few clever bathroom cleaning hacks that will save you both time and money. Shaving cream can be used to polish your faucets Rub shaving cream onto your faucets and then wipe off with a clean, slightly damp cloth for …

  • hot water unit plumbers melbourne 3 Signs You Need to Replace or Repair Your Hot Water System

    When it comes to hot water systems, it’s better to address any problems sooner rather than later, in order to avoid sudden failure of the water heater when you need it the most. Here are 3 key signs that your hot water system requires repair or needs to be replaced altogether.

  • A Guide to Maintaining Storm-Proof Plumbing 10/04/2017

    Melbourne’s weather is expected to get a lot wilder and wetter over the coming months, so now’s the time to take steps to ensure your home, along with your plumbing, is stormproof. Follow our handy guide to winter storm-proofing to keep your family safe and dry this winter. Check your gutters and drains One of …

  • toilet repair by plumber with plunger How to know if your toilet is in need of repair: 5 common toilet problems

    A leaking toilet or weak flush can be not only annoying but extremely costly as your household may end up consuming an unnecessarily large amount of water. Here are 5 of the most common problems you can have with your toilet at home and possible solutions.